It’s very important to set up an online account at  Currently only about 40% of people set up an online account.

The reasons why you should do this are:

  1. You can see what your estimate of benefits will be at age 62, full retirement age and at age 70.
  2. You can verify what your earning have been and see if what Social Security has is accurate. If there is a discrepancy, you can go down to your local Social Security office and dispute your earnings record for that year or years. (Call Social Security first and find out what documentation they will need to verify earnings, so you don’t waste trip down there. You may want to set up an appointment as well to make the best available use of your time)
  3. If you’re approaching Medicare, you can easily apply for Medicare online through your account on, if you are not already receiving Social Security benefits. If you are receiving Social Security benefits prior to age 65, you will be enrolled in Medicare automatically.

It’s a good idea to apply for Medicare 3 months before the month you turn 65. For example, if you turn 65 on December 12, you should apply for Medicare on or about September 1st. Medicare starts the first day of the month you turn 65. Under the above example, Medicare would begin 12/01, even though they were born on 12/12. If you were born on the 1st of any one month, your Medicare will begin the month prior.

If you need help understanding your Social Security, call Dave Silver Insurance.