Upon registering in Medicare, you’ll receive a red, white, and blue card in the mail. This card not only has your unique Medicare number on it but it will also show whether you have Part A (hospital coverage), Part B (medical coverage), or both. It is going to also have the date that your coverage begins.

Some essential details about your card include:

  • Your card is paper, which allows medical service providers to easily copy it.
  • If you buy a Medicare Supplement Plan or a Medicare drug plan, you may receive various cards for these policies as well. Always keep your primary Medicare card with you even when utilizing these other Plans.
  • Similar to your Social Security Number, your Medicare card has a number unique to you. Unique numbers help protect your identity if your card is lost or stolen. Watch out for sharing this number with anyone aside from health care professionals, your insurers, or people you trust to work with Medicare in your place.

So what should you do if your Medicare card is lost or stolen?

The easiest option is to check in to your MyMedicare.gov account and print an official copy of your Medicare card. If you do not currently have an account, you can create one on that site. Additionally, you can call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) and ask for a replacement card to be sent by mail to you.

Acquiring a replacement Medicare card is just one of the many challenges you’ll face when researching and signing up for Medicare. There are numerous Plans to consider with different expenses associated with each option.

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