Stand-Alone Part D Drug Coverage

Florida offers 23 stand-alone Part D drug plans in 2023. There is only one that is your best option. It’s the plan that provides the lowest overall cost when you add premium plus the cost of your current

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Drug costs are typically determined by the plan’s formulary (list of covered prescriptions), drug plan deductibles for higher-tiered prescriptions and your choice of pharmacy (CVS vs Walgreens, as an

Drug plans should be evaluated each year, so you can make sure you do not overspend. Drug plans change their formularies from year to year.

This is a service we provide to our clients each year, free of charge. Most agents neglect this piece of the Medicare puzzle. But I can tell you with absolute certainty, that this is where I see folks wasting a lot of money just because they are on the wrong plan based on their prescriptions.

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