Dave has been invaluable helping me with my health insurance plans. When I first came to Florida I did google searches and asked friends for recommendation for an agent; Dave came very highly recommended by others and I gave him a call. Dave spent a lot of time to find out about my medical insurance needs. With a list of my doctors and medications, he reviewed a large number of plans by various companies until he found the one that best suited my situation. I saved hundreds of dollars in drug costs by switching to the plan Dave recommended!!!!

Recently I was looking for a supplemental Medicare plan and contacted him again. As usual he was very quick to respond and returned my calls within 20 minutes !! We used email and were able to exchange attachments which significantly reduced my time with paperwork. Dave is VERY knowledgeable about health insurance and spent a lot of time answering all my questions. He has an excellent understanding of all the Medicare rules and regulations. He pointed out the pros and cons of various plans which really helped me choose the best plan for my specific needs. Without hesitation, I recommend Dave to anyone looking for health insurance plans.

Dave is very knowledgeable about all things Medicare which is a huge help to anyone trying to sift through details and options. I was looking to save money on my premiums for Medicare supplemental insurance Plan F and he got me signed up with another carrier and underwriter that saved me $1000 per year. Just goes to show you that the same Supplemental Plan F that provides identical benefits across all companies, does not cost the same across all companies. He also got me on another Part D drug plan that reduced my monthly premiums for drugs. He is efficient and courteous.

I highly recommend working with Dave for your Medicare needs. I did and I am so glad I did. Dave and I had a flawless experience from start to finish. I cancelled working with another insurance broker/agent because of their lack of detail, poor listening skills & slow responses. Dave was recommended on my neighborhood Nextdoor site so I called him. We talked over the phone, he sent (same day) the forms pre-filled out with exactly what we discussed and within 24 hours my application was submitted. Easy & Efficient! Thanks Dave!
Karen Ballaban

Dave Silver is more than helpful and explains everything in detail so that you have no doubt as to what policy to choose. When I call and leave a message he gets back to me right away. I highly recommend him for your health insurance needs.
Fanny Kostos

David is the best. He helped my husband and our friends find the right supplement coverage that included doctors and medications. Highly recommend letting David do a review for you in the upcoming enrollment period.
Sandy Humenik, Southeast Lakewood Ranch

We were recommended to Dave and are so glad. We like to do research ourselves and he started by giving us direction and suggestions. He answered all our questions and also gave us answers he knew we needed but we didn’t know. We feel so glad and comfortable he was and is there for us. We realized that to navigate through this crazy Medicare stuff on your on is asking for trouble. Thank you Dave for all your help!!!
Sandy Bush

As with anyone about to turn 65, I was inundated with insurance agents soliciting me to use their agency to sign up for Medicare.
A friend recommended David Silvers and now I can highly recommend him as well. He made it extremely easy, giving me all of my options, telling me the benefits and the constraints of them all. He honestly took the stress out of the entire process, from beginning to end. Thanks Dave.
Trudy Waterworth

Dave was fantastic – timely, informative and open minded regarding helping me with Medicare choices. Highly recommend him to help you navigate through the Medicare plans and choices.
Robert Lerow

“David Silver deserves 10 STARS!!!! I have worked with Dave Silver for several years for my insurance needs. He has always gotten me the best policy to meet my needs.

I had some issues with the Insurance Company & contacted Dave which he responded to me within minutes. Throughout the day, I communicated with Dave via text & email or by phone and he responded immediately. He was able to resolved my issues that day.

He goes into detail with you regarding your medical coverage and will discuss finding you the best coverage during enrollment period.

David is an EXPERT in Medicare and accommodates all your needs. I highly recommend him to anyone that is in need of medicare coverage. He is trustworthy and he knows his business backwards and forwards!”

We were at our lowest point and Dave came in and quickly provided all the insurance needs we needed to go into medicare supplemental as well as drug plans. I cannot stress enough how much help he provided with a quick turnaround time which was critical to us for our ongoing medical needs. His knowledge and professionalism was amazing and I will be referring him to all of my family and friends

If I could give more stars I would. Dave is the best! No BS just straight up no nonsense to your options for Medicare supplement. He looks for the best policies to fit your needs and wallet. A rarity today.

Dave had answers to all my questions. He came to the meeting totally prepared. He made me comfortable immediately. He offered my options regarding Medicare supplements and Advantage plans with no pressure. I would recommend him for anyone looking for Medicare plans.
Dave Levitt

Dave is great. He made signing up for medicare plans clear and simple. He took me through the available supplemental plans and helped me pick the best one for me, and then got me the lowest premium. He found the best prescription plan for me based on my needs. He got all the forms ready for me to sign up. Dave is knowledgable, friendly, and quick. His responses to calls or emails are very fast too. Great job, Dave. And thanks again

Mr Silver was amazing. His knowledge is extremely comprehensive. Highly recommended!

Dave was very professional and honest. Dave helped my parents out and really treated them like family, I highly recommend Dave Silver! Thanks Dave…
Craig Parfitt

Dave went way above and beyond what I expected…highly recommend him.
Bradley Dunson

We appreciated that Dave would sit face to face to discuss our options. He was more than prepared with our best options based on the information we shared over the phone. We completed our paperwork in short order and all of our documents, insurance cards, etc arrived in about than 2 weeks. Thank you for the personalized attention you gave us and your offer to assist further when needed. We would recommend Dave and his wife to assist our friends and family.
Sharon Horn

I have worked with Dave Silver for many years for my insurance needs. He has always gotten me the best policy and now that I am getting Medicare, he has helped me get, once again, the best Medicare policy for my needs. I highly recommend Dave Silver Insurance for anyone, young or old, that needs medical insurance. Rebecca

I started working with Dave a year ago before retiring. He spent an inordinate amount of time with me helping me make decisions about coverage once I retired. When it was time, he came to the house and we went over everything. A year later, I contacted him again with new medical issues. He jumped right on it, walking me through all necessary changes to give me the best coverage for my new needs. Dave works tirelessly. He returns calls and emails quickly. He has even worked on Saturdays helping me and making sure I didn’t have to worry about anything. I highly recommend Dave for anyone who needs some help getting through the process of signing up for any type of insurance. He is trustworthy and he knows his business backwards and forwards!
Nancy Levine

If you are looking for someone that knows insurance and the ins and outs than Dave is your man! He explained everything perfectly and was very professional We would highly recommend him!!! Maureen

Dave made our decisions so easy. He did all the work and presented all our options. Could have never done all the research and comparisons he did. Very knowledgeable about all aspects of Medicare and a really nice guy!!!
Fran Gianandrea Cirrincione

Retiring is difficult enough, worse when you consider moving 1500 miles away, unbelievably bad when you factor in signing up for Medicare A-Z. To say I was apprehensive at first meeting Dave is a total understatement. However, I could not ask for a more informed, capable, experienced professional than Dave Silver. He provided me with service above and beyond my wildest expectations and I am truly grateful to have him on my retirement team!
Many thanks,

Dave was the one insurance person that helped us in a pinch. His response time is the best. Robin Paye

I was very confused about my Medicare. I was about to turn 65 and did not know what to do. I was referred to Dave Silver and he walked me through the entire process. He showed me all my options and explained things very clearly. I was very happy with his services and have recommended him to many people. But there is another reason that makes Dave great to work with. I recently had a question about my coverage and called him on a Sunday, expecting just to leave a message and for him to get back to me on Monday. But Dave picked up his phone and answered my questions that day!!! He mentioned that he was on a family vacation, as well. In this day and age to have someone you can rely on and has time to answer questions after the sale is priceless. I would recommend Dave Silver Insurance to anyone who needs help with their Medicare… K. Goldman

I can’t imagine anyone purchasing medicare supplemental insurance and prescription coverage without first speaking to Mr. Silver. His knowledge is vast and his integrity is beyond reproach. Most people, including myself are unaware of the intricacies of this process but Dave Silver can and will provide you with the unbiased information you need… Lee Hoffman

Dave responds to phone calls and emails faster than any other insurance agent I’ve ever dealt with. He genuinely cares and takes the time to make sure you’re getting the best policies for your individual needs. I highly recommend him! Kim Stevens

Called the office & spoke directly with Dave. It was literally a few minutes & I had the right plan selected for me. Dave emailed me the papers the same day. How awesome is that! It couldn’t have been any easier! Oh, & I saved a lot of money. Thank you very much Dave! Brenda Gatlin

I am turning 65 and needed a Medicare Advantage Plan. Although I am fairly savvy in the health insurance realm, having been an administrator for my husband’s business, it is still a difficult process to choose one plan that fits the bill, especially when you travel, or straddle between 2 states. HMO or PPO? I had narrowed down my choices, but as plans are not exactly apples to apples comparisons, and there are a lot of variables to consider, I thought I would like to tap into some expertise. I had many solicitation calls and mailers, but I wanted to find a broker who didn’t have only one brand affiliation, but many choices. And I didn’t want to be sold insurance based on what they’re pushing, but rather buy insurance based on my needs. One person I called actually started to recommend a plan before she asked me any questions about myself. No thanks. I searched brokers and read reviews, and found Dave Silver Insurance in Tampa area, and he had excellent reviews from individuals. I called, and was not disappointed. He answered the phone himself, and took at least 15-20 minutes to talk to me and ask about my needs. He recommended a couple of plans, and explained why he thought these choices might be best for me. And he steered me away from companies that weren’t as responsive with referrals, etc. But before a final recommendation, he looked up my doctors for me, and looked up all my meds to be sure I was covered. When he sent over the plans by email to consider, everything was there done and ready for me. I didn’t have to do any further clicking and hunting around. Dave was professional, efficient, and considerate. He made the process easy for me, and I felt comfortable at last with my final decision. I gave Dave my business because he earned it, and I like his manner, and the way he conducts business. He was better by a long shot than most other agents. I recommend him highly. Make it easy on yourself. Call Dave Silver. I promise you won’t be disappointed… Jeannine Manson

Dave is the best insurance agent I have ever worked with. He is very prompt in returning calls or emails. He is extremely knowledgeable and his recommendations are always exactly right for my needs. Mitch Braun

Dave was very knowledgeable about the healthcare plans and very honest about what would be best for your paticular needs. Gary Holden

Great experience with Dave. He was able to give me information and options based on my particular situation so that I could make the best decision for my future. Carolyn Keener

Dave did a great job helping us to navigate the whole Medicare/supplement/advantage plan process. We especially like that he is an independent agent and therefore has our best interest in mind. He helped us choose plans that made the most sense for us. Dave is very professional and responds quickly to questions and issues that arise. Pat Balthaser

He was quick, responsive and took care of our needs. john knudsen

David was prepared and provided professional options for consideration with recommendations based on our personal needs. He has supported both my wife and myself in selecting the policies that suited our medicare / medical insurance needs. I would highly recommend his services. David provides counsel and information does not try to sell you something you don’t want or may not need. Bill Irvan

Dave returned my phone calls promptly. He drove out to my home and took his time answering my questions. He thoroughly researched various insurance plans to find the best one to suit my needs. Brook Williams

Very friendly and extremely knowledgeable about the entire spectrum of Medicare products. Provided me with all the answers and information necessary to choose the option which best addressed my present and possible future medical needs. Bud Scholar

Dave was very informative in the complicated process of signing up for supplemental insurance. He filters out the plans that are not suitable for your current situation. He follows up along the way so you are on track to sign up for the plan you choose. Dont listen to neighbors and family and do your self a favor and meet with Dave for no obligation feedback. Fred Liggero

Dave was quick and easy to get help and the information I requested. RKT Thomas

Great to have expert navigation through a confusing experience! Thanks to Dave!! Theresa Morrow

Benjamin Harbin

Catherine Stewart

Gail Lind

Doxie Mama

Jeff Grimm