Let’s face it, nobody wants to go to the doctor. I wouldn’t be surprised if doctors don’t like going to the doctor. Personally, I only go to the doctor because I need to get prescription meds refilled. Let me tell you about situations when you should go to the doctor and when you should not.

See your Doctor When Symptoms Persist
How often have we heard this term? It almost sounds boring to keep listening “if symptoms persist consult your doctor.” Yet this is worth remembering because most common illnesses go away after a week or two on their own.

That cough that has been going on for two weeks? Might be Pneumonia or Tuberculosis. Best to have an expert confirm that you just need more rest and maybe stronger medicine than wind up in grave danger.

Don’t’ See Him If You Just Came From Web MD
Sadly, the internet does have its downsides. Web MD is the bane of the layman looking to find what is wrong with him. When you just spent a whole lot of time searching Web MD you are probably panicking.

If you go to the Doctor in this state you are asking for trouble. Instead of getting help, you are likely to only get yourself in a worse panic when the Doctor tells you there is nothing wrong.

Don’t Go if You Have No Cash
One of the most unfortunate things in the world is the fact that medicine requires cash. Don’t go to the Doctor if you don’t have money to pay for any procedures you might need to undergo.

I don’t want to say it but don’t go to the doctor if you don’t have money. You will just end up getting stressed because the doctor is unable to give you a comprehensive answer.

Go if You Have Insurance.
Insurance will pay for much of the cost of the procedures that will be needed. So you can rest easy and let the doctor examine you and do the tests he needs to confirm his diagnosis. This is one of the values that comes with having insurance. There is no need for you to pay out of pocket.

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