If you lose your Medicare card you will need to call Medicare @  1-800-633-4227.

They will prompt you to answer a few questions before they put you through to an agent. When you speak to the agent they will ask you if you would like a “proof of Medicare” letter which you should receive in about 10 days.  Your Medicare card will arrive in approximately 30 days from the time that you ordered it.

If you need your effective(start) dates for Part A and for Part B, you can get that from the agent over the phone when you speak to the folks at Medicare.

If you have  moved to a new address and you lost your card, do not call Medicare and order your new card or letter unless you have updated your new address because they will mail it to your old address. You cannot change your mailing address through Medicare. This has to be done through Social Security. For security reasons, you do not want that sensitive information sent to your old address.  The best thing to do would be to call Social Security and change your address over the phone. Once that is completed, call Medicare to order your new card and it will be sent to your updated address.

Call me with any questions.