We are very reliant on our eyesight. We use it in almost everything that we do. It is more common for someone to be visually inclined as compared to any of the other senses. Often, if we are experiencing vision problems, we do not notice it immediately. Our body tends to adjust quickly, and we work around what we may be experiencing. Though some of these symptoms may be very subtle, it is important always to have them checked. Here are some things to watch out.

I did not notice I needed eyeglasses until I started having chronic headaches. Apparently, my eyes were always tired making up for my astigmatism. I did not notice my vision was blurred, but when I wore glasses for the first time, I felt the world turned HD.

Difficulty In Focusing Or Blurred Vision
If you are having trouble reading billboards, magazines, or recognizing people, your vision is blurred. If it seems like details are hard to figure out, then you can either be nearsighted, farsighted or suffer from astigmatism.

Do straight lines seem wavy and curved? Do you feel like you see double? If you haven’t had a drink or two, and it feels like your vision is distorted, that can be indicative of cornea or eye muscle problems.

Halos And Adjusting To Light
Do you see halos around some people? They may be angels but seeing halos may be a sign of something troubling. The same is true when adjusting from dark to bright areas. If you have difficulty transitioning between the two environments, or difficulty seeing at night, then it may also be a sign of early cataracts.

Pressure At The Back Of Your Eyes
Glaucoma is a possibility if you feel pressure against the back of your eyes. It can damage optic nerves that transmit images to your brain. However, this is not always the case. Regular check-ups are always a good idea.

If you observe or notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, please check with your doctor right away. Caring for your eyes early on will help reduce the risk of further complications.

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