I work with many Veterans who have Medicare. Many of the Veterans I work with go to the VA for ALL of their health care. They have not seen a civilian doctor in years.  They get all their prescription at the VA, as well.  These prescriptions generally cost $8-$9 per month, per prescription.

Often times what the VA dispenses to it’s patients are generics.  On many occasions I have helped Veterans with Medicare save a substantial amount of money each month on their prescription costs.

Here’s how:

Many of the MAPD plans I represent in many areas of Florida, will provide those same generic medicines for a $0 co pay.  If you are paying $9 per prescription at the VA and you are taking 5 prescriptions, that’s $45 a month ($125 every 3 months). You may be be able to get some or all of those medicines outside the VA for free.

I have not met one Veteran with the above scenario that I have not been able to save them at least something. Some Veterans take only a couple of prescriptions.  But many I meet with are taking upwards of 7-10 prescriptions each month if not more.  Do the math. That’s a lot of money, especially if you are on a fixed income.

All you have to do is ask your doctor at the VA for the prescription and take it to an outside, network pharmacy or do mail order through the plan.

If you are taking brand medication through the VA, it will probably be less expensive for you to continue getting that medication through the VA.  The savings is only for covered generics.

Contact me and we can go over to prescription list and I can show you how to save some money on the prescriptions you are purchasing through the VA.