Your company might have already provided you with health insurance, but what are you going to do if the coverage isn’t enough for certain illnesses or health conditions? The answer is voluntary employee benefits.

This type of policy can assist you with your hospital and doctor bills, and even help with some non-medical related expenses if you’re facing disability, an accident, critical illness, or cancer. Insurance agents can offer auxiliary insurance coverage with limited benefits.

What are Voluntary Employee Benefits?

Voluntary benefits provide companies a way to offer services and coverage that extends beyond the traditional benefits. Since it’s voluntary, employees usually pay the total cost, while availing of group rate discounts courtesy of the company.

However, some companies do choose to cover a part of the cost of voluntary benefits. It should be emphasized though that giving employees voluntary benefits is solely at the company’s discretion.

Fill in Insurance Gaps with These Policies

Voluntary benefits policies can include a variety of services that address different areas of the employees’ lives. Here are some of the more common voluntary benefits:

  • Accident and Disability: This usually takes care of the medical expenses not covered by your company’s health plan. Availing of one can give you cash benefits in the event of a stay in the hospital, ambulance bills, and other expenses. More importantly, this is a policy you can keep even if you move to a different company.

  • Critical Illness: Opt for coverage in the event you are diagnosed with a critical illness. The cash benefits provided with this policy can be used in various ways, like doctor bills, hospital stays, childcare, and transportation. You also have the option to add a wellness benefit that can cover the price of health screening.

  • Dental Insurance: This is one of the more popular voluntary benefits that employees get. An employee’s dental hygiene is something that a lot of employers often take care of if they want their staff to remain healthy. This policy covers all dental issues, both minor and major.

  • Long-Term Care Insurance: This policy can be utilized beyond the set amount of time specified by Medicare or other conventional health insurance and can cover for the services, care, and support at home or in a number of other facilities.

There’s no need to just rely on your company’s health insurance policy. Take action and get voluntary employee benefits. It can help you prepare for any eventuality and give you peace of mind. Dave Silver Insurance has its clients as their first priority with affordable rates and clever policies. To learn more about how we can help you please contact our agency at (941) 907-2879 or Click Here to request a free quote.