Did you know the Medicare Supplements, also known as a Medigap policy, have been standardized from company to company. What this basically means is a Plan F with one company offers the same exacts benefits as a Plan F from another company.

Most people I speak with are very scared to change their Supplemental health plan because they do not want to lose benefits.  This is absolutely NOT the case.

In  47 out of the 50 states there are 10 standard Medicare Supplement plans. (The 3 states who do not participate are Wisconsin, Minnesota and Massachusetts.)

After you figure out which plan is best for you,  than all you have to shop price (premium).  I have spoke to many people over the last couple of years who are simply overpaying for their coverage and getting nothing in return. And we’re not talking $10 a month. I’ve seen situations that have been as high as a couple hundred per insured. For a husband and wife that could be close to $400 per month or almost $5000 per year.   I am determined to get this message out.  IT”S TIME TO STOP WASTING YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!!!

If you have any questions regarding your Medicare Supplement please contact me at: [email protected] or call me @ (813)417-2716