A Prescription drug coverage or also known as Medicare Part D answers to the majority, if not all, of your prescribed medicine for health recovery. This is another supplemental plan that your health insurance or other Medicare gap plans do not cover.

Getting a prescription drug coverage is totally optional. If you think you do not need it yet, you can opt to not add the coverage to your current plan. The advantage of it is that you have access to prescribed medications without paying outright. If you are thinking about getting the said coverage, you can always add that later on.


Type of Prescription Drug Coverage or Medicare Part D


There are two different ways available to get your additional Medicare Part D coverage. Thus, it will also depend on your current subscription and existing insurance coverage. You can either have it through:


  • Stand-alone Medicare Part D plan


This is an additional plan that you can get so that access to the prescription drug will be added to your benefit. But remember that you must be under Medicare Part A and/or B Plan to add Part D as a coverage.


  • Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plan


If you want to save a lot from reading and understanding, you can choose to subscribe in a Medicare Advantage Plan or the Part C. The part C already have the prescription drug as part of their coverage so you can have access to all benefits under one subscription.


Am I Qualified for the Prescription Drug Coverage?


To qualify for the plan, you must have:


  • Subscription to both Medicare Gap Part A and/or Part B
  • You are within the vicinity of Medicare Part D offering


The plan aims to fully protect you from any of your arising medical needs. The requirement to have you subscribe to either Part A or B, or both, is advantageous. Though it may cost a lot more premiums, depending on your age and current health status, it will surely be beneficial.


These types of coverages let you out of the shocking bills and unexpected expenditures especially if you are already reaching old age. This is a sign of protection for your part and more importantly secures your financial stature.


Securing your health through insurance and adding coverages can protect you, your family, and also your savings from overwhelming expenses that may occur.  At Dave Silver Insurance, we put our clients first by offering them policies that they can afford. Learn more about our products and services by calling our agency at (941) 907-2879. You can also request for a free quote by CLICKING HERE.