Many people are confused when it comes to making a decision between these 2 types of coverage under Medicare.

It’s actually quite simple.

If you would like the freedom to use any provider who accepts Medicare in the United States and US territories(the vast majority do) and you don’t mind paying a monthly premium of approximately $130-$250 per month(depending on age) and don’t want to deal with referrals or networks, than a Medicare Supplement is your best option.

Most people that purchase a Supplement will also purchase a Stand Alone Prescription Drug Plan.  The national average premium for these plans are roughly $35 per month.

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On the other hand, if you want to eliminate the premium, do not mind referrals and network restrictions, want the many extra benefits that a Medicare Advantage will provide, and want the predictability and the affordability that Medicare Advantage Plans offer, than maybe this is your best option.

With  MAPD plans, prescription drug coverage is already integrated into the plan at no additional charge.

With MAPD plans you will want to make sure that the doctors and facilities you would like to go, either now or in the future, are in-network.  That’s very important for obvious reasons.

It all boil down to affordability and access.