Many people I meet spend a fortune on their prescription medicine. I have some ideas that might be able to save you some money.

Many times people are taking brand name medication, when generics are available.  If the generic will do the same job as the brand named medication, this will save you a lot of money.  If you are taking expensive brand name medication, you may want to ask your doctor if there are any generic equivalents for the prescription you are  currently taking.

Please note, there are not generics for all medications.  Sometimes you will have to bite the bullet.

Many retailers offers generics drugs at a very low price.  When you purchase your meds from these retailers, you should not run it through your insurance.

If you take a lot of medication, you want to get your generics from these retailers, if you can, and use your prescription drug plan, only for the ones, that you can’t get from a retailer.

Some retailers that offer discounted generics are:

  • CVS
  • K-MART
  • **PUBLIX

**At Publix you can get free antibiotics, as well as, free Metformin and Lisinopril.

You should visit one online or in person and get their prescription lists of covered generics

Another option would be to ask your doctor for samples of your expensive medications. Doctors are give samples by their  pharmaceutical reps.  If the doctor can supply you with even one  month of medication, it can save you some money.

Lastly, the pharmacy that you use can determine how much or little you might pay.  Some prescription drug plans have “preferred pharmacies” where you will get better pricing.  Some prescription drug plans will give you the best pricing for mail order. This is a little known fact.  Call me and I can tell you which option would be best for you, based on your current plan.

If you take a lot of expensive medication, you will get into the “coverage gap”(donut hole). The point is you want to get into the “coverage gap” as late in the year as possible or avoid it altogether. If you do get in the “gap” you want to get there as late in the year as possible because it resets on January 1st.

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