One of the most common causes of injuries for elderly people are falls and slips.  As you get older, it gets more difficult to recover from these injuries. Injuries can be fatal or not.  They can range from bone fractures, head injuries, to sprains and strains. It is important to understand why our senior loved ones are more prone to slips and falls.  This will help us reduce the risk by addressing their needs.

Why are they more prone to slips and falls?


Of course each person is different.  There may be different reasons for each person, but in general, the following are the common causes of slips and falls.  


As we get older, our senses will also decline.  When one’s vision is compromised, they will fail to see obstructions.  They will have difficulty navigating around an area. The same goes for a person’s balance.  Weaker muscles also contribute to them having difficulty to maintain balance. Some chronic conditions like diabetes, stroke, and arthritis also cause loss of certain functions.  This makes it more difficult for older people to move.


There are some ways you can help reduce the risk of injuries.  The following are some steps to help prevent it.

Regular Check Ups


Make sure they have regular check-ups.  This will help detect certain loss of functions early.  Make sure to check his or her vision as you rely heavily on this when moving.  Take note if they have difficulty moving, standing up, or lean on things like walls and furniture.  Always look for signs as they may not always declare how they feel.


Use anti-slip strips


There may be surfaces in your home that are slippery.  Install anti-slip strips on these surfaces. They are cheap and easy to install.  Sticking them around will help increase friction and lessen the risk of slipping.


Night lights


One of the reasons they can trip is not seeing obstructions and hazards.  Make sure areas are well lighted and visible for them to move around. Install night lights around dark corners and pathways to bathrooms.  For some, full lighting might be needed.


Always keep the house clean and orderly


Cleaning your home can also help it be safer.  Keep things orderly and out of pathways. Keep electric cords tucked away.  Always mop spills and make sure there are no leaks.


Install support rails


You can also install support rails in difficult places, especially on stairways.  Hallways and slopes are also good locations for support rails. At Dave Silver Insurance, we work hard in making sure that our clients are well-protected with policies that they can afford. To learn more about how we can help you, please contact our agency at (941) 907-2879 or Click Here to request a free quote.