I visited with a client today who just moved to Florida but still maintains a residence in Indiana.

The gentleman is aging into Medicare in March of this year, 2015.

When  meeting with him he had a lot of questions, as you can imagine.  The one thing that he said that I found most telling was that if he should ever get real sick,(I don’t meet with a cold) he would want to get his care from his doctors in Indiana.  Plus that is where his children and grandchildren reside.

That was an important piece of information to find out because I knew it was very important for him to have access to his doctors in 2 states, at minimum (Florida and Indiana).

We checked some Advantage plans that he was interested in.  Although the co pays were low and the benefits very attractive,  not ALL of his doctors were in network.  We determined that a Medicare Supplement would best for him.  The real value under this scenario was that he was able to see his doctors in both states and he didn’t have to worry if his doctors took his insurance.