Medicare Supplement Plan G

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Plan G Facts for Tampa, Bradenton and Sarasota, Florida

Plan G is one of ten Medicare Supplement plan letters (A-N).  Plan G is very easy coverage to understand.  It mirrors Plan F with one distinct difference. Plan G has a $185.00 Part B deductible (Plan F does not). Once you reach your deductible, Plan G and Plan F are exactly the same coverage, in that they will cover all Part A and Part B expenses over and above what original Medicare pays.

Medicare Plan G Sarasota, Tampa, BradentonIf you can’t decide whether Plan F or Plan G is the right fit for you, it boils down to simple math.  If the savings in premium is greater than $185.00, annually, Plan G will probably make the most financial sense.  If the savings is less than $185.00, Plan F will probably make the most financial sense.

Another point to remember. If you begin receiving Medicare after January 1, 2020, Plan F will not be available to you. This will make Plan G the new “Cadillac” plan.

Lastly, every company that offers Plan G’s in Florida, offer the same exact coverage.   The only difference from one company’s Plan G to another companies Plan G is the monthly premium. The coverage is exactly the same.  I will show you every Plan G in your county, sorted by monthly premium.  It will make your decision easy on the best Plan G for you.

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