When it comes to marketing Medicare Advantage Plans to the community there a very strict marketing guidelines.  If a broker or agent is not following these guidelines from the onset, it should raise a red flag.

When marketing MAPD plans, agents or brokers are not allowed to cold call and are not allowed to go door to door.  If an insurance agent calls you on the phone or knocks on your front door, unsolicited, that is someone you should probably not do business with.

You can take it one step further. After I meet with people I am always given referrals.  Unfortunately for me, I have to tell my clients to have their friend or family member call me. I am not allowed to call them first. They need to call me first. I am allowed to return their call, but I cannot initiate it.

I hear all the time that agents are going to door to door in communities marketing MAPD plans. I have been homes where Seniors are getting cold called for MAPD coverage. It’s against the rules and anyone doing it can potentially get in serious trouble.

A word to the wise.  If you have been marketed to this way, you should not deal with these agents or outfits.

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