If you have low income and you are on Medicare, there is help out there.

I work with people all the time that have low incomes and based on their level of income they are eligible for State assistance (Medicaid).  If your income is less than $1333 per month, for a single person and less than $1790 per month for a married couple, and you are unhappy with your current coverage, you need to call me.

If you are eligible, Medicaid will work in conjunction with Medicare or Medicare Advantage.

Florida Medicaid has certain levels.  Those levels will determine your help.  Additionally, like I mentioned in a previous blog,  you will also get help with your prescription drug costs if you qualify for Medicaid (LIS). You may also get help paying your Part B premiums, coinsurance and copay’s and you may also be able to receive food assistance.

If you are on a fixed income and you think you may qualify for Medicaid you will need to contact

the Florida Department of Children and Family Services (DCF). Their  phone # is 1-866-762-2237.  You can request a paper application or you ask them to locate a local office in your area and make an appointment.

If you would like to apply online go to:


Call me for additional information.