The age 65 may not sound so significant for younger people, but for older people it is. This age means that they are eligible for Medicare. However, Medicare is not something that can be navigated easily. The process can be complicated, confusing, and tiring. This is also why it is important for younger people to understand the ins and outs of Medicare, especially if they have parents qualified for it. To be sure that everything will be futile, it’s a wise decision for elders to have their assist them as they navigate Medicare.

If you have elderly parents, now is the best time to learn about Medicare so you can help your mother or father make the most cost effective decisions now and next year. Keep in mind that the government’s health insurance forces seniors to make countless choices and doesn’t offer very good instructions or price comparisons. Thus, if you are about to reach this important milestone, take heed: navigating the program can be tricky. Be sure to do things right on behalf of your parents so they make the most out of Medicare. And for you, here’s how you can get started.

Navigating Medicare

First of all you will need to figure out how Medicare works. Start off with the official Medicare website. It will give you an idea what Medicare A, Medicare B and Medicare D are and then explain your options for supplemental coverage. Just like any government resource, it might also leave you wanting more information. That’s where I can help.

Next thing, even though the majority of seniors won’t be able to sign up for a new Medicare plan until next year’s open enrollment period (see when is open enrollment for Medicare), there are things you can do as early as now to help your parents avoid excess costs. For example, you can check if your mom’s drug plan covers all of her medications. If not, list down that she should switch plans next year.

Then, you should find out if your parents’ doctors accept their health coverage. Unfortunately, many health care providers are opting out of traditional Medicare and the Medicare Advantage plans. So you may need to encourage your parents to find new providers who do accept their version of Medicare insurance.

Lastly, be aware that even if your parents are satisfied with their coverage today, you should still help them evaluate their choices next year as prices rise and benefit coverage changes. The government’s Medicare website has two tools that can help you evaluate benefits and prices — one for health plans and one for drug plans.

Understanding so many options and making wise decisions can be daunting. Fortunately, the route to Medicare success follows a familiar path: Do your homework, don’t rush, follow directions and seek clarification if you have a question. Following the above guide will make things so much easier for you and your parents. When all things get sorted, they will get the best out of Medicare and be able to live a better life.

Even if you think you have the perfect plan for your parents it won’t hurt to get a second set of eyes just to be sure. I’ll be happy to evaluation your parents’ situation at absolutely no cost. Contact me, and together, we’ll make sure your parents have the best coverage possible.