We all know that as we age, we need to do a little extra to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our body needs a little extra during our later years to keep up with a slowing metabolism, aging body, and increased risk of complications. Doing so will improve your overall health, gain better mobility, keep your mind sharp, and better resistance to sickness. It may seem difficult or even daunting to do. However small changes in your routine can do wonders. Here are some simple things you can do.

Incorporate Physical Activity
Walking is a great exercise. It is a practical, low-impact option for daily activity. If you are one of those dreading exercise or any physical activity, change your outlook. Instead of going out for a walk to exercise, use the time to reflect. Have a scenic route where you can enjoy the view. Explore a trail and bond with nature. There are many ways to make your walk more enjoyable. Bring your pet along and walk your dog.

You can do small alterations to your daily activities to increase your movement as well. Try standing when talking to someone on the phone. Stretch and do simple actions when listening to music or watching TV. Park a little further to increase your steps a day. Use the stairs as opposed to elevators or escalators. All of these will keep your mobility and reduce the chances you will need assistance for your daily routine as you get old.

Eating Right
It may be the most challenging part of staying healthy. With the convenience of processed food and even fast food, it is difficult to stay away. Choose fresh and natural food. Increase your fruits and vegetables. Avoid sugar and too much salt as much as possible.

The Importance Of The People Around You
Being active and eating healthy can be challenging to sustain. You will need to do this consistently to achieve the results you need. It is where other the people around you come in. Ask for their support to help motivate you. They can help you keep track of the things you do, urge you to improve or be there to support you. Do not underestimate the benefit of having people encourage you. Learn new and tasty recipes to stay healthy. Have them join you in your exercise routines. Keep your mind active through intelligent conversations.

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