Hi Dave.

I had to write to say ‘Thank You’

You have a lot of people who you meet and speak to.

You came to speak at my groups in Lakewood Ranch and R-9 for my Senior Lunch Club.

You spoke on the difference between advantage plans and supplemental plans for Medicare.

You also spoke on the differences between the supplemental plan options.

My dad’s insurance changed and I was given a voucher and had to select and purchase my own plan.

Thanks to you, I also knew I wanted the ‘F’ supplemental plan, that would pay all costs.

I purchased a plan for my dad through you in November 2012.

In February, he has a stoke.

The bill from the hospital for 5 days was $69,000.

The first day in intensive care including drugs was over $35,000.

My share of this bill was ZERO!

Thank you for speaking to us and teaching me to make sure the hospitalization coverage started with day one and to make sure I had a plan that paid for all costs with no deductibles.

What I learned from your lecture saved me thousands of dollars.

There is no way I can thank you enough

Debbie Korell