Unlike original Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plans offer many extra benefits.

Before I get into the extra benefits, I would like to caution you. Many people may make their decision on coverage based on these extra benefits. You have to understand that these are health plans first. The plan you choose needs to make sense from a network stand point and must cover your prescriptions as affordably as possible. If both of these points are satisfied, than and only than does it make sense to understand and take advantage of the extra benefits that these plans provide.  If you just look at the extra benefits you can make a major mistake on your health and prescription coverage.

Many of the Medicare Advantage Plans offer the following extra benefits:

***Part B Reimbursement: Some Medicare Advantage Plans in Florida provide a “Part B Reimbursement” each month. These plans will reimburse you a portion of your Part B premium each month.  In 2019, depending on where you reside, you may eligible to receive up to $131.00 reimbursed back into your Social Security check each month.

Dental:  Most of the plans offer preventative dental (cleanings, x-rays, oral evaluations). However some plans will cover you for comprehensive dental up to a specific dollar limit.

Vision: Some plans will offer a set amount of money towards eye glasses. Based on my experience the benefit will range from $70 to as much as $300 annually

Hearing: Some plans will cover hearing aids up to a specific dollar amount or with a set co pay. There will be limits on this benefit.

Silver Sneakers:  This a complimentary membership to fitness facilities through this national program. Most plans we work with offer this benefit.  You can use your Silver Sneakers coverage at all the facilities that participate in your area.  You can use their website to find locations in your area, as well.

Over The Counter Items:  Many plans offer over-the-counter medicine and medical supplies. The amounts vary from plan to plan. Some will offer you a fixed amount per month or per quarter. It depends on the plans.  Generally, the plans will provide you a list of items that you can order from and you can order these items on line or over the phone. Typically, they are shipped directly to your front door.  However, some plans will provide a card that you can use at national pharmacy and you can get your OTC items there.

Transportation: Some plans will offer as little as 8 trips (one way) per year while others will provide an unlimited amount of trips. Transportation is for medical purposes only.  You will need call the transportation provider, and schedule pick up times.

I have focused on the main extra benefits in most plans.  Depending on the plan you chose, these benefits may or may not be available. Do your homework.