Due to Covid 19, coverage for tele-health has been expanded under Medicare. This has allowed telehealth coverage that will allow people to receive a broader range of healthcare services without having to actually visit your doctor’s office. This expanded coverage was signed into law as of March 2020.

This coverage will allow Medicare to pay clinicians to provider healthcare services to their patients residing anywhere in the country. The types of healthcare coverage under telehealth has been expanded, as well.

Telehealth services under Medicare are subject to the $203 annual Part B deductible and  20% co-insurance under Part B, as well.

This became very important over the past year due to the epidemic. Safety was of paramount concern due to the risk of exposure. Telehealth allowed folks to see their doctor and get the care they needed, remotely. This is of extreme importance for those who are deemed “high risk patients”.

There are number of different healthcare providers that can offer telehealth services including: doctors, nurse practitioners, clinical psychologists and licensed social workers.