When you have either a Medicare Advantage Plan or a Stand-Alone Part D prescription drug plan,  you need to know that these plans can and do change year to year.

Each year, around September, you will receive a Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) and Evidence of Coverage (EOC).  These documents will go over what your plan is offering in terms of benefits, co pays, **formulary, etc… for the upcoming year.  At this time you will determine if your current plan will fit your needs for the upcoming year.

The EOC and ANOC will be mailed to you by your plan.  If you don’t receive one, you will need to contact your plan and let them know so they can get one out to you.

On October 1st of each year, you can start comparing plans and narrow down which ones will work for you.

**A formulary is a list of covered medicines under the plan. These formularies can and do change year to year. Make sure that your prescriptions are covered in the upcoming year.  This holds true fro both MAPD plans and Prescription Drug Plans(Part D).

If you have any questions about your current coverage  and would like to know your options, call me and get the facts. I represent many plans in your area.  I can give you the objective information you need when making your coverage decisions.