Getting sick when travelling is probably one of the worst experiences you can have.  Not only does it ruin your trip, you are unsure if you can get the same treatment as you do at home.  This is why it is important to have the right health coverage if you are expecting to travel a lot. To avoid getting sick when travelling, here are some tips and things to avoid.

Avoid drinking tap water


You should always stay hydrated.  Drinking sufficient water is always key to being healthy.  For many places, drinking tap water is usually safe. However, when you are in a foreign place, you can never be too sure.  It is always best to avoid tap water as it can contain bacteria and viruses that can make you sick. I recommend drinking bottled water which you should open yourself to ensure it is new.  Remember, ice cubes can be made using tap water as well.


Avoid eating raw food


Cooking food subjects it to heat which kills most harmful bacteria.  Dirt may be washed away, but some bacteria can remain. Also, you are still unsure if the tap water used to wash the food is clean enough.


Choose the places you eat in


It is not only the food that you eat which can be dangerous, but the plates and utensils as well.  Are they clean and washed properly? How high are their sanitation standards? It is important to choose the places that you eat in.  Always make sure they prepare food with care.


Get the proper sleep


Travel can get hectic and tiring.  Jet lag is another issue you have to deal with.  These are the reasons it is important to get enough rest and sleep.  Fatigue weakens your body and making you more prone to sickness.


Bring your medication


Always have your medication with you.  You are not sure on the availability of your medicines in foreign areas.  This is not just for your prescription medicines, but you may want to bring along some of your common pills.  Medicine you take for simple cough, colds, and the flu.


Always clean your hands


You may not notice, but your hands pick up a lot of dirt throughout the day.  There may be something on every door knob you hold, money you count, or item you pick-up.  Make sure to always keep your hands clean by washing them regularly. If you are unsure of the tap water cleanliness, disinfect your hands afterwards.  It’s always handy to have a bottle of hand sanitizer ready.


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