Prescription drugs might be the safest option for any of your illnesses. Physicians do not recommend medications if they are unsure how the product could help you. They require you to do some laboratory tests and other examinations to make sure how exactly your body can cope up with the drug.

Medical specialists suggest their patients be honest if they have allergies and any other underlying condition aside from what they currently have. With this, they would know what type of safe drug to prescribe their patients.

If you presently have any underlying state, here are some of the things you should tell your attending physicians:

1. Other medications you are taking
If you are taking other prescribed medications, it is better to inform your doctor. In this way, he/she could know what else to recommend you that would not cause harm or an overdose to your body. Our body can only take as much, so loading it with drugs can do more damage than cure in the long run.
Some drugs can cause side effects that may limit your body to other activities. Sometimes, even prescribed medicines can result in palpitations, numbness, and fatigue.

2. Your exact diet
Your diet can affect how prescribed medications could work inside your body. If you are currently on detox, it might be a bad idea for you to take any drug. Your physician could suggest either an alternative to your diet or recommended medication to take.
Merely informing your doctor even just your last food intake could have an advantage. Some patients who have not been honest about it faces significant penalties in their body after they have taken medication.

3. Inform if you are a smoker or a drinker
If you have ever gone to a check-up and the attending nurse always seem to ask you if you are a smoker or a drinker, it just means that it is essential information. Should you have informed your physician about that, he/she could suggest a more specific test for you.

4. If something is unclear to you
A lot of patients are hesitant to ask their doctors questions for fear of not being able to understand the whole concept or the medical dilemma. If you do not understand something even it is just little, inform your physician so he/she could explain it to you so that you could comprehend a lot easier.

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