Living healthy and establishing a healthy diet is the key to living longer. But many people are often misguided about the right diet to follow in order to live life in a full span.

More often than not, people fail their diet because of many food variations available in the market today. Many food stylings can be enticing hence make it harder to resist food.

Here is a list of the food you should eat daily to live a longer life:

1. Nuts
Nuts are proven to lower the risk of sickness and eventually making young people live longer. An adequate amount of nuts can be good for the health but too much consumption can be bad, too.

If you are into snacks, make it a habit to devour on the healthy side as nuts are a good alternative to chips and other junk foods.

2. Spicy food
A lot of people may have loathed eating spicy food because their taste palettes could not tolerate it. Yet, spicy food can help you live much longer. In a proven study, over 450,000 Chinese both male and female have shown longer lifespan because of eating spicy food at least six to seven days a week. It lowers the risk of morality to at least 14 percent.

3. Seaweed
Eating seaweed can help you suppress any inflammation in the body. In fact, it boosts the immune system and helps your body to fight off cancer cells. Eating seaweeds daily can lower your risk of acquiring serious and incurable diseases.

4. Fish
Fish is always the best answer should you have worn out the taste of meat and other poultry products in your week. Fish is brain food that can help boost your memory to a whole new level. Moreover, it has carotenoids that will help you prevent and neurological illnesses.

5. Whole grains
Whole grains cannot only help you lose weight but it also has an overflowing amount of nutrients your body requires. Eating whole grain products like bread, pasta, and other pastry and baked goods can help you higher the chances of a long life. It lowers the chances of heart disease to at least nine percent.

Paying attention to your health through eating healthy is essential. It will help you protect your body from any diseases or illness that can cause the glitch in your careers and/or relationships towards your loved ones. For further protection, you can also inquire for a health insurance that will cover you for any of your medical needs.

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