In previous blogs I have discussed how to save some money on your prescriptions.  We have discussed less expensive generic alternatives to brand name prescriptions, when available and medically appropriate.  We’ve discussed purchasing low cost generics at retailers like Walmart, Sam’s, CVS, Walgreens etc… and asking your doctor for samples.

There is another thing you should look at.  Prescription drug plans generally have preferred pharmacies.  These preferred pharmacies will give you the best pricing on your prescriptions..  As an example,  there can be a substantial savings just by getting your prescriptions at CVS versus getting them at Target. Or getting your prescriptions through mail order versus Publix.

I speak to folks all the time that have a favorite pharmacy. That favorite pharmacy can cost you extra money. You need to look at all your options.  A good agent, like myself, will research this for you.

Call me for more information and lets get you spending as little as you can on your prescriptions.