Hearing aids can be expensive. Some studies suggest that, depending on the device needed, the costs can range between $1500 all the way up to $6000 if devices are needed for both ears. And that doesn’t even take into account the costs of the exams, doctor visits, and fitting procedures for those devices.

So a common question is whether hearing aids and the routine doctor visits associated with hearing tests are covered by Medicare. And unfortunately, the most common type of Medicare which is Part A and Part B (also known as Original Medicare) doesn’t provide any coverage for hearing aids or exams.

But that doesn’t mean that coverage isn’t available at all for your hearing needs.

You simply have to go beyond Original Medicare and explore the options provided by Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C) to find coverage for your hearing aids and exams.

What Else Doesn’t Medicare Cover

So you might be asking yourself what else isn’t covered by Original Medicare. Some examples of non-covered services include foot care, dental care, eye care, and dentures. Some of these services can be just as expensive, if not more so, than hearing aids.

But again, coverage for some of these services can be found within Medicare Advantage Plans (Medicare Part C).  So it’s best to understand the options available to you beyond the Original Medicare services.

Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C)

Medicare Advantage Plans, sometimes referred to as Medicare Part C, are private health insurance plans for those who are members of Medicare Parts A and B.

Think of a Medicare Advantage Plan as bundling all of the services of Part A and Part B together along with other services of Part C such as vision, hearing, and dental coverage.

It is here within the Medicare Advantage Plan that you may be able to receive coverage for hearing aids and exams.  But not all Advantage Plans are created equal. The cost and coverage provided by Part C can vary by each individual plan. Other variables, aside from premiums, that can be different between Advantage Plans include deductibles, co-payments, coverage limits for specific services or items, and out-of-pocket maximums.

Call us today and we’ll walk you through the different Medicare Advantage Plans that are available. We’ll review all of the options to find a Medicare Part C plan that meets your needs and fits your budget.