A lot of us are taking prescribed medications, which helps us in curing diseases such as AIDS, cancer, Cardiovascular Disease and even remedies for flu, cough, and colds. However, the cost of these prescription drugs is somewhat costly, which instead of helping us it adds up to our stress.

The Benefits of Taking Prescription Drug
Prescription Drugs have their place in our society, and many people will die from diseases if not for the prescription drugs that they are taking. Here are some positive side in taking prescription drugs

  • It cures remedies which can be the answer to life-threatening conditions.
  • Short term solution, like antibiotics for infections, flu and cough medicines which are taken only while the patient is sick.

Why Are Prescription Drugs Expensive
The downside of taking prescription drugs is the cost of it, which leads to people not following or sticking to their prescribed medications. Here are some of the reasons why it is expensive:

  • High Research and Development costs. For them to improve their products, manufacturers are tasked to spend on research which will lead to development costs once a drug candidate is discovered.
  • Marketing results in increased use of drugs which allows the manufacturers to raise their prices through the standard principle of supply and demand.
  • Lack of Competition. Since there aren’t that many players in the market, most manufacturers take this as advantage thinking that no one will go against their products.

Tips on Getting A Lower Rate For Your Prescription Drugs
One way to be able to get a faster recovery is to be able to take our prescribed medications. With the prices going up, we should be smarter and practical without sacrificing our needs. Take a look at some of the tips for you to be able to buy your prescribed drugs:

  • Ask about generic options which are costs less than your branded medicines.
  • Negotiate with your pharmacists and try to find another pharmacy which can offer you a discount especially if you are going to buy in bulk.
  • Check with your insurance health plan and see if there’s an option for them to cover your medicine costs or help you in paying for it.

Sometimes, it is hard to recover from illnesses or diseases because of the expenses. That is why you need to be smarter than the manufacturers who sell medicinal products. It is a good thing that aside from generic brands, there’s an insurance plan, like Medicare, who can help you with their prescription drug coverage.

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